Scott Baio Likes To Steal Your Table

I think Scott Baio has had it out for me.

Ever since I ran into him at the movie theater almost a year ago — I’ve had the feeling he was looking for a way to get back at me. I had an inkling that he had read my post, been unhappy that I had made fun of his inability to validate his parking ticket, and was stalking me…much like Beverly Hills 90210‘s Ian Ziering.

Yesterday, my suspicions were validated with Scott Baio’s vengeance.

If I Was In ‘Say Anything’ And Didn’t Have A Boombox

Boomboxes are sort of over.

I mean, with everyone so obsessed with iPODs and other small devices that play their MP3s, we’re left in a society where boomboxes are sort of the 8-track tapes of the last decade — leaving people like me, if I was in the movie Say Anything with quite an intriguing conundrum. For if I wanted to woo a woman, from beneath her bedroom window, at three in the morning — what would I do?

What. Would. I. Do?

Know that I’m not living in a dreamworld here, thinking that I was actually in the classic 80’s flick Say Anything. But know that since the real world often mirrors the events in famous movies — there are guys out there who are looking for ways to steal back women that they have wronged by using those classic “aww” moments from classic “aww” movies.

I Have Problems With ‘Long Duk Dong’

If you ask me, the least of my problems with Sixteen Candles‘ exchange student Long Duk Dong, is his name.

No, although his name is funny and quirky and makes people laugh and every time they say his name in the movie it is accompanied by a Chinese cymbal crash of sorts, and he’s got this crazy hanging-upside down hair that seemingly compliments his even sillier name and accent, these are not the things I have problems with.

It’s his trademark phrase, “Sexy American Girlfriend.”

WFME’s Menagerie of Thoughts

I’ve always wanted to use the word menagerie in a post title.

And now that I have, I feel vindicated. I feel satisfied. I feel…complete. Did you know that you, menagerie the word, you complete me? I just wanted to let you know that if you’re out there, menagerie… Meaning, if the word menagerie is out there and is a real living, breathing word that has awareness and is reading my post as I type it…you complete me.

And that’s just one of many thoughts in today’s menagerie of thoughts.