These are my current book projects that have either already been released or have a future release date that has been confirmed.

The Lost Blogs (Warner Books)

What would Jesus blog? What would Plato blog? What would Jimi Hendrix blog? Imagine that blogging technology was around since the dawn of time, then imagine what hundreds of the most well known (and dead) historical figures would say? From Andy Warhol to Thomas Jefferson, from JFK to George Burns, from DaVinci and Nixon to Captain Kangaroo — The Lost Blogs has them all.

The Lost Blogs: From Jesus to Jim Morrison is the historically inaccurate and totally fictitious cyber diaries of everyone worth knowing — and arrives in stores from Warner Books on May 8th, 2006.

Best-selling author A.J. Jacobs says, “The Lost Blogs is very funny, very clever, and even borderline illuminating. Thank goodness Paul Davidson ‘discovered’ these long lost gems. The concept is brilliant, and his execution is hilariously on-target. I can only hope that a thousand years from now I’ll be included in his next book.”

Dallas Mavericks’ owner and Internet technology guru Mark Cuban says, “The Lost Blogs is a hilarious, totally original book that anyone who has ever read or written a blog will immediately love.”

YRB Magazine says, “The Lost Blogs is the answer to your prayers.”

Mark Lisanti of Defamer says, “The Lost Blogs is ingenious, hilarious and undoubtedly accurate.”

You can keep up to date on The Lost Blogs at the Official Website or by subscribing to the The Lost Blogs E-Mail List for updates.

You can find the book at stores near you or order the book onlne at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s, BooksAMillion and many many more.

Consumer Joe (Random House/Broadway Books)

Consumer Joe: Harrassing Corporate America, One Letter at a Time was released by Broadway Books in the Fall of 2003. The book, which collects the annoying and hilarious letters of my alter-ego to America’s largest Fortune 500 companies, is currently in its 3rd printing and being developed into a TV show.

Consumer Joe uncovers why a box of fifty envelopes only contained forty-seven and how colorblind people are supposed to tell if their Ziploc baggies (“yellow and blue makes green”) are properly sealed, while making numerous product-improvement suggestions along the way (such as adding the Tuna Melt flavor to the Jamba Juice product line).

Jerry Stiller of ‘The King of Queens’ and ‘Seinfeld’ says, “I couldn’t put it down. Some of the funniest writing since ‘Seinfeld’.”

Andy Borowitz, humorist for ‘The New Yorker’ and ‘Newsweek’ says, “It’s hard to know which are funnier: Paul Davidson’s facetious letters to Fortune 500 companies or the corporate stooges’ equally clueless replies. Read ‘Consumer Joe’ yourself and decide.”

Publisher’s Weekly says, “This compendium of oddball customer query and complaint letters should tickle the ribs of anyone who’s ever considered writing a letter to protest an inferior product or solve a merchandise mystery… Highbrow humor it ain’t, but it is certainly as Davidson himself puts it, ‘damn good bathroom reading.'”

You can purchase the book that Reader’s Digest called The Humor Book of the Month in stores and online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other fine stores.

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  1. […] In other news, it looks as if Consumer Joe the TV show may have found the perfect host for the show. It’s amazing to me how long it takes for these things to progress in Hollywood — but I may have an exciting announcement soon on this front. Not to mention, things are coming along with The Lost Blogs in the blurb/quote world. You can check out the first quote for the book (from The Know-It-All’s best-selling author A.J. Jacobs in the book section of the site. […]

  2. […] Finally, another quote came in this week for the book from Defamer — which you can find here. […]

  3. […] On the Consumer Joe front — the book is now very close to going into its fourth printing and although we’ve come close in the past to setting it up as a TV show, we’re now very close to attaching talent (finally) as our host and star. Again, when all is confirmed I’ll be happy to share the exact details of just who it is…but I think that adding this person into the mix will give the TV version of the book the same kind of unique/quirky tone that readers enjoyed in the book itself. […]

  4. […] Whether or not you’re aware of it, I laid many hidden lessons in my first book Consumer Joe. While on the surface it simply looked like a book of letters to America’s Fortune 500 companies, it was in fact as important as the Old Testament in directing the frustrated people of today’s world into a spiritual place where happiness would overshadow the frustration caused by customer service 1-800 help lines. […]

  5. […] And what about the toothpaste swallowers? If you’ve read my book Consumer Joe, you may know that major toothpaste manufacturers insist that you don’t swallow excessive toothpaste or else you may need to seek help from a poison control center. Yet watch a toothpaste swallower brush their teeth and watch them swallow a bit every time. Sure, they’ll tell you they like the taste — and they probably do. But the chasm between good-tasting food and good-tasting chemically-altered baking-soda infused paste is quite large. […]

  6. […] Some WFME readers have asked, “Do you think the online mentions of the book will help its sales?” Ironically, when my first book Consumer Joe came out, I didn’t have a blog and had zero web-friends whatsoever. So the release of The Lost Blogs is going to be an interesting test case on whether or not the Blogosphere really can help get the word out. […]

  7. […] Even more amusing, of course, was a particular DJ who decided to spend a good portion of time telling me about her quest to get the makers of Vienna Fingers cookies to add double the filling inbetween the cookie slats (while referencing my first book Consumer Joe. […]

  8. […] when you thought people stopped talking about your books, you’re proven […]

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