Insert Shameless Plug For Travel Blog Here

You know me.

I never plug anything, which must mean that when I do plug something it’s either because (a) someone is paying me to do so, (b) the voices told me to do so, or (c) the voices are telling me if I plug something someone is bound to pay me.

So without further adieu I ask you wholeheartedly to check out Travels with Two — a travel blog written by my close friend/voice/payroll coordinator. If you like the blog, vote for it here. If you don’t, then may Doc Hudson have mercy on your soul.

Yes. I have kids now. Cars informs everything I do now.

2 thoughts on “Insert Shameless Plug For Travel Blog Here”

  1. In my opinion, The Incredibles provides a more comprehensive life plan to follow as a parent but you have not yet ascended to that level. Give your children a few years and you will understand Cars is weak.

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