Cheddar or Swiss

Waitress: “…and you can get that with chedddar or swiss.”

Him: “That’s a tough one.”
Her: “Just go with cheddar.”
Him: “Just go with cheddar? Why.”
Her: “Because cheddar is better.”
Him: “What, is that a saying or something?”
Her: “No. But swiss is rank.”
Him: “Swiss is rank?”

Waitress: “Should I just give you two a minute?”

Her: “No, he’ll have cheddar.”
Him: “No, I’ll have swiss.”
Her: “You don’t even LIKE swiss.”
Him: “How do you know what I like.”
Her: “Because we’re married. I know everything about you.”
Him: “Well, apparently not. Because I like swiss. Swiss, please.”

Waitress: “Okay. Thanks.”

Her: “You’re going to regret the swiss.”
Him: “In a minute, I’m going to regret marrying you.”