Words For Your Enjoyment: Kim Wilde and Hanging On

Some people thought WFYE was dead.

But with such a unique concept as “Words For Your Enjoyment” could you really expect it to go the way of the dinosaurs? WFYE could be trapped under a flipped semi truck on an abandoned dirt highway so far away from civilization that most people would just give up if they found themselves in that situation — but WFYE wouldn’t. WFYE could be hanging off an embankment, teetering on the edge, but it would so hang on.

Which brings us today’s WFYE subject matter and singer Kim Wilde.

Old school WFME reader and on-again/off-again blogger Katheleen writes: “Where is Kim Wilde these days? Do you think she’s still hanging on?”

First and foremost, let me just give Kathleen what she hungers for. The 411. Kim Wilde is indeed still out there. And she is still hanging on, and is still touring and is still releasing music (albeit only on the iTunes Store in Germany).

She’s also gotten plastic surgery to every part of her face except for her forehead and chin (which are, thankfully — still hanging on). Go ahead, search the web. You’ll see that anywhere you look there are no pictures of Kim Wilde’s forehead or chin. It’s a mystery, but not nearly as salacious as what’s going on in Wilde’s personal life.

Seemingly, in addition to continuing to hang on, it appears that Wilde has also found herself in yet another problematic relationship — with Germany’s own business mogul Hanz Frazier. In doing some research, I came up with a bit of an interview that Spiegel Online had done with Wilde’s current “abusive boyfriend” (says Wilde, but not confirmed anywhere in print), Frazier. Here’s a clip of that:

Frazier, it seems, has no trouble talking about his businesses in Berlin — where a majority of his assets still remain. But when pressed on the subject matter of his controversial relationship with 80’s singing diva Wilde, he immediately grows quiet. He denies any wrongdoing, any abuse and any ill will. In fact, while Wilde still claims to be involved in the high-profile relationship, Frazier has a different take. “Kim is a talented singer and a wonderful person. But our relationship reached a point where it wasn’t healthy to continue. So I told her, ‘I’m going to set you free, babe’ and got out of her life so she didn’t see me a-comin’ around.” But when asked about whether or not he was over Wilde, Frazier said simply this: “I didn’t want to play with her heart, so I told her I was getting out of her life. You know, so she could make a brand new start and let me get over her. I just wanted to set her free.”

But honestly, as most fans of Kim Wilde know — she’s a go-getter. She’s (like WFYE) the kind of person who might disappear for awhile then crop back up stronger than ever. I did a little searching on Google and found an interview with Wilde from AOL’s music section, in which she talked about her musical comeback:

“This new album, is like a brand new start for me. For awhile, I was struggling with the new album, it wasn’t allowing me to sleep at night. I mean, I really didn’t love the songs — they weren’t setting my heart and soul free like I wanted. I needed freedom. I wanted to still care about the process. So I stopped hanging onto the old mentality, and went for a brand new start. It really set me free.”

The album and new single “Perfect Girl” (an obvious reference to her attempts at appearing younger through plastic surgery that doesn’t involve her forehead or chin) came out last Winter and now she’s touring the World. Of course, all that information can be found at her Official Site. That is, except for any real reviews of the song or new CD.

That being said, I put out an e-mail to her management in an attempt to find out if there was a review copy available at this late date so that WFYE could add some pertinent “review text” here on the site. Unfortunately, all I got was a rejection e-mail from her management:

“Thanks for your interest in Kim Wilde. Unfortunately, since the CD came out last Winter, we don’t have the freedom to provide you with a copy (per Kim’s mandate). While you may need to see it and may continue to hang on in hopes of obtaining a review copy, we suggest iTunes as an alternative. That being said, please remember that Kim Wilde still wants to be friends (even if you don’t see how you can still be friends), and that while as her management there ain’t much we can do about it, we hope that Kim’s decision doesn’t break your heart and that you can still sleep at night.”

That being said, I do think that Kim’s still hangin’ on.

4 comments on “Words For Your Enjoyment: Kim Wilde and Hanging On

  1. Kathleen - March 9, 2007 at 4:41 pm -

    thank you Pauly. thank you.

    I can sleep at night.
    I am set free.

  2. Pauly D - March 9, 2007 at 10:31 pm -

    Kat – That’s all anyone’s ever wanted for you.

  3. James - March 12, 2007 at 8:27 am -

    Where is KIM WILDE?
    can’t you go to kimwilde.com?
    Kim in 2005 signed with EMI records (Germany) & Released and 10th studio album title “Never say never” which went Top 20 in Germany/Switz/France/Japan/Belgium/Austria …Etc.
    Kim as we speack on her EU Tour “PERFECT GIRL 2007”

  4. Kathleen - March 12, 2007 at 3:01 pm -

    ruining the moment here dude…

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