The Sarah Michelle Gellar Smoking Debate Can Finally Be Resolved

There are microcosms of society none of you will ever know about.

Surprisingly, if you scan through the RSS Feed for the comments on WFME (located at the bottom of the sidebar) you’ll see a slew of comments that come in on a daily basis related to big heads, A&F, long toes, swallowing pills, eating crackers, and yes — even obessions with Kristy McNichol. I don’t judge people for their interests or concerns, and I’m glad that WFME provides a forum for people to discuss such concerns. Even when it’s about Sarah Michelle Gellar and the argument about whether or not she smokes cigarettes.

Fortunately for those people, my recent run-in with Freddie Prinze, Jr. will once and for all close the book on the debate.

You may or may not have ever read the saga that involved me and my old friend Freddie Prinze, Jr.. It started as a creative collaberation, then crumbled into a million pieces when he wouldn’t just SAY that we were best friends. Yes, just two words for a guy looking for something with meaning in a city so cold, it’s surprising the palm trees still survive. When that relationship failed, you can imagine how cold his wife Sarah Michelle Gellar became.

Weeks later, Sarah Michelle Gellar gloated on my answering machine and then snubbed me at a local sushi place…while smoking.

It was soon thereafter, that e-mails started to come into the WFME coffers, asking me to confirm or deny the truth that Gellar was smoking. Apparently, it’s an ultra-serious issue with her fans, and boards have been dedicated to finding out just if she IS smoking but lies about it or if she really is telling the truth and not smoking.

“I read your posts about the feud with Freddie Prinze’s wife Sarah Michelle Gellar with great facination. I was curious whether she smoked cigarettes when she was around you and Freddie? She seems to be overly protective about her public image and would never admit to being a smoker in public. So very curious whether some of the Internet stories about what she really does in provate might have some credence to it.”

“I just wanted to follow up with you from some earlier email conversations we had about Sarah Michelle Gellar. I just heard from a guy who does security detail for Sarah and he told me she chain smokes Marlboro Lights in private and goes out of her way to say she doesn’t smoke in interviews and magazine articles to prop up her image as someone who is clean and healthy. I also heard from another journalist in LA who said SMG smoked on several occasions over the past year when she met her at a couple of private parties. You were right — SMG is a bit of a hypocrite and I just don’t understand why people cover up up for Sarah and others like her.”

“SMG smoking is definitely a big issue to her fans and has been for years. Her die hard fans don’t believe she smokes because she always goes out of her way in interviews to say she doesn’t. So anytime someone claims they saw her smoke, they gang up on the person who makes that claim saying that it is a fabrication. It’s interesting too because I recently heard from a journalist who claims that Sarah has been smoking since 1998 and I also heard from someone in SMG’s security detail and they both said that Sarah chain smokes away from public view. It’s amazing though that in places like the Opium Den where you saw her or Kabuki where the guy who writes for TVGASM saw her that no one has ever caught her on camera or on video. Even this last weekend she was reportedly on the smoking patio at Dominick’s in Hollywood. It’s probably going to take someone catching her on camera for her die hard fans to believe she is a smoker.”

“If she’s been lying about smoking… If she’s been going out there and smoking and then telling the press she doesn’t smoke… If she’s making the conscious decision to smoke, then lie, then smoke some more, then lie again to her fans and the press… Well, I’m just not having it.”

“Can you possibly provide me with the phone number or current location of Sarah Michelle Gellar so I may find out for myself once and for all if she’s been smoking behind our backs? I would only just ask her that one question, I wouldn’t keep bothering her after that, FYI.”


Well, about a week ago I was at a restaurant in Studio City, when I noticed a particular ex-best friend walk into the restaurant with a buddy. Low and behold, it was my ex-cohort in creative crimes, Freddie Prinze, Jr.. At that point, I was unsure if I should even talk to him, since I’d tried so hard to mend the friendship in previous years without any success. But my friend who was with me suggested that maybe enough time had passed and he might be open to re-establishing ties.

So I approached him.

And would you believe that the guy looked at me and didn’t even recognize me? I mean, I’m standing there, saying nothing, and he’s all looking at me like I’m the waiter or something. Even as I stood there, emotionally assessing the situation, I felt the frustration wash over me from the previous years issues with him. But I pressed on.

Me: “It’s Paul Davidson. Remember?”
Freddie Prinze, Jr.: Hm. I know you…from where?”
Me: “Um, we were developing a show together. The Boyz of Gurlock. You don’t remember?”
Freddie Prinze, Jr.: “The Boyz of Gurlock?”
Me: “Bachelor party that went awry. All the guys turn into zombies. You’re kidding, right?”
Freddie Prinze, Jr.: “Ohhhhhh. Wow, you look different.”
Me: “Well, it’s been almost three years.”
Freddie Prinze, Jr.: “Yeah, cool. Well, good to see you.”

And then he turned back to his friend and started talking to him. Leaving me standing there. So, I did what anyone with a blog and an awareness of the Sarah Michelle Gellar smoking debate would do.

Me: “So, I saw your wife is smoking again.”
Freddie Prinze, Jr.: Excuse me?”
Me: “Sarah. Your wife. She’s been out smoking again, hasn’t she?”
Freddie Prinze, Jr.: “Sarah doesn’t smoke.”
Me: “But I’ve seen her. Smoking.”
Freddie Prinze, Jr.: “This thing just doesn’t die, huh? Why do people care if she’s smoking or not anyway? It’s her business. Her life.”
Me: “Well, I guess people feel like they know her, and just look out for her well being.”
Freddie Prinze, Jr.: “Well for your information, she doesn’t smoke. If you see her with a cigarette, it’s not a real one — it’s one of those help you quit smoking fake cigarette things. It helps her when she’s out and other people are smoking to keep from doing it herself.”
Me: “Oh, really? They make those kind of things?”
Freddie Prinze, Jr.: “Yes. Yes they do. So, now you can sleep better knowing the truth.”

Attitude aside, I rejoined my friend with two very important pieces of information. One, that the FPJ & Pauly D boat had sailed. That no matter what came next, the two of us would never be friends again. And two, that Sarah Michelle Gellar does not smoke at all. And if you see her smoking, it’s not really smoking, because it’s one of those fake smoking-aid things.

Yes. The debate can now finally be resolved.

7 comments on “The Sarah Michelle Gellar Smoking Debate Can Finally Be Resolved

  1. The Single Girl - March 6, 2007 at 11:35 am -

    But doesn’t smoking one of those fake cigarettes to help you stop smoking imply that at some point she did smoke?

  2. CJ - March 6, 2007 at 11:41 am -

    I don’t really know how FPJ can sit throw so much ‘tude your way. Does he really take himself so seriously? True, he’s made some bucks in hollywood, but his chief demographic is a teenage girl with a schoolyard crush. Granted, I don’t know him personally so who’s to say he’s not abnormally intellectual or whatever, but it’s a severe peeve of mine when people, no matter their place in society, act so “upity”.
    Yeah, you’re famous Freddie, but, last I checked, you don’t really have any serious recognition, other than a large poster tacked to my kid sisters wall, of course.
    If anyone should be snubbing anyone, it should be you turning your nose up to him… I mean, he’s not even “A” list.
    As far as SMG goes… the best thing she’s done, to me at least, was make out with that girl in the movie Cruel Intentions.
    I’d simply tell them all that they know where to stick it.

  3. Kris McNichol - March 7, 2007 at 12:40 am -

    Psychologists have a profile on you Mr. Davidson. It’s a very interesting one.

  4. stz - March 8, 2007 at 4:26 pm -

    CJ i would explain to you, but it doesn’t matter.. you just wouldn’t get it..

  5. lizzy - April 23, 2007 at 1:01 pm -


  6. Meaghan - April 25, 2007 at 9:04 am -

    The sadness continues… what is your glitch, anyway?

  7. Rurik Janiszewski - May 15, 2007 at 4:49 pm -

    I have forgotten Sarah was a ninja. I saw the whole Buffy series, but still I forgot she was a ninja. I forgot that when paparazzi can even take pictures of her wearing a bikini, ’cause she’s a private person, they miss out on the cigarettes because her ninja skills automatically makes ’em disappear.

    You are such a freak!

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