An Insider’s Look At NBC’s Heroes (Major Spoilers Ahead)

I recently had the opportunity to speak with someone on the inside at NBC’s hit show Heroes.

Some of you may or may not have seen the show, but it’s a runaway smash hit for the peacock network and it’s no surprise. Sci-Fi normally doesn’t find a home on major networks, so the occurence of Heroes showing up on NBC created a situation where viewers unfamiliar with the genre finally got to experience something unique.

But now, people are wondering if the show actually knows where it’s going… And I luckily had the opportunity to find out just where the journey will take the Heroes, the viewers and me.

As the story stands now, strangers from all across the country have started to realize that their special powers (invincibility, the ability to paint the future, being able to fly, being able to stop time, being able to melt household metallic objects, being able to make you forget, being able to hear what you’re thinking, having multiple personalities, being able to start nuclear explosions with your mind, et al) are meant for something bigger. Together, they have started to realize that only as a group will they be able to stop what’s coming (read: big disaster, in where else — New York City). The writers have also revealed that the cheerleader’s father is attempting to keep said heroes a secret, while another man seeks to track down all those with special powers so he may help them.

But lately, people have started to lose that loving feeling, a la Lost, wondering when something good is going to happen.

Thus, this post. An Insider’s Look at NBC’s Heroes, which include major spoilers. These aren’t your typical spoilers that contain information you’d find in the TV Guide for next week. These are spoilers I received by talking to someone on the inside. Spoilers that will, prove once and for all if Heroes will escape the curse of Lost or be doomed to repeat the ABC show’s shortcomings.

And while I can’t reveal my source on the inside (since they would potentially lose their job), I will just present to you these upcoming plot points and revelations and you can do with them what you will.

  • The clever taglines are getting a major overhaul. What started with “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World” and morphed into “Are You On The List?” and finished its trilogy with “Someone Flies, Someone Dies” is now going to be retired. Instead of using rhyming phrases, the team over at Heroes is looking to instead, provide symbols. No words, just symbols. Much like when Prince went to the symbol that represented “the artist formerly known as Prince” — the Producers at the show are planning on introducing in the coming weeks a unique symbol that, if decoded, will reveal an even cleverer rhyming phrase.
  • The opening title sequence of Heroes is short and sweet: a simple look at the Earth, and then the title shows up. Soon, they’ll be including unique hidden elements in that visual — most importantly if you pause your VCR or TiVo, you’ll be able to see unique lights lit up on the Earth’s surface. Each of those lights will denote a future location of a future Heroes cast member that has yet to be revealed. Pretty cool!
  • Asian time-stopper Hiro Nakamura has some interesting things in store for his character. At first, he could stop time. Then he lost his power. Now he’s on a quest to find a sword he believes will revive said time-stopping power. But when he finds the sword, it will NOT allow him to regain his power. Instead, he will be able to use the sword to do damage to the evil of the show, nicknamed Sylar. And when he tries to dispatch evil with the sword, he will find that said sword is his own kryptonite of sorts. He’ll have to choose. Use the sword without a power, or get rid of the sword and use the power on its own. But not both.
  • Claire Bennet, the Cheerleader will continue her journey of independence. She will quit cheerleading! And school! In an attempt to go after the answers she seeks. The cheerleading squad, of course, will have to forfeit an upcoming cheer competition all because of Claire’s MIA status. This will cause a rift within the cheerleading squad and the school, and cause some of her own enemies to surface. Now, Claire isn’t just fighting evil — but she’s got school chums on her heels as well.
  • Niki Sanders, the mother with (what I like to call) multiple-personality disorder, will find out that there are more than just two personalities in her head. In fact, there’s a third — and it’s a man. That’s all I have on this one, since it’s so huge, but expect to be introduced to the third person in her psyche by season’s end.
  • Simone Deveaux, the girl who was shot at the end of last week’s episode, will die. Sort of. While she may die officially as of this week, we will find out that she has a special power as well — the power to die over and over again, then (like the Phoenix rising out of the ashes) revive herself after 24 hours. This of course will mean that we’ll be seeing a morgue scene, soon — where Simone will wake up, freak out, and realize that everything she’s suspected about special powers is something affecting her as well. The power itself isn’t the most helpful because of the 24 hour down time, but it’s nice to know she can’t be killed!
  • Little did any of us know, but the title Heroes wasn’t only chosen for it’s basic meaning. I’ve been told that if you re-arrange the letters of the title you can make the phrase “E Shore” — and if you’re good with that Google search you’ll find that the Producers have started their own site (under construction) that will soon start an online hunt for more Heroes 411. The site? E Shore Media. The site will soon add more content, sending viewers on a quest to find actual heroes in their own vicinity.
  • Peter Petrelli’s story is going to blow you away. We all think the guy can take on other people’s special powers, but in fact that’s totally untrue. He’s the one with all the powers in the first place, and it’s everyone else who has the DNA make-up to steal powers from him. It’s a tough one to wrap your head around, but basically it’ll be revealed that the people on the list have a special DNA make-up that allows them to acquire a special power once they’ve interacted with Peter or someone who has interacted with him. So basically, Peter is a mass container of special powers — and there will eventually be a huge stand-off between him and Sylar. In the end, one will obtain all the powers and one will die.
  • They’re going to change the font of the title to Times New Roman.
  • NBC is talking to creator Tim Kring about a spin-off that would include the Micah Sanders character — it would be, as I’m told, part Punky Brewster, part Silver Spoons and would simply be called Micah! It would be about a precocious little kid with super powers, who uses his powers to become rich and live in a mansion with his toy company mogul uncle (his mom’s soon to be revealed brother) and his girlfriend. Look for this to show up as a summer series in 2008 if all goes according to plan.
  • Look for actor Santiago Cabrera (Isaac Mendez) to cut his hair, Felicity-style. We’re talking a shaved head style that’s bound to (per my contacts) get the ladies huffin’ and a puffin’. I don’t know how I feel about this, honestly — I think it could screw up the show and be the “jump the shark moment” we’re all hoping doesn’t happen. An artist who doesn’t have long stringy hair? I don’t buy it.
  • Finally, the biggest and most surprising spoiler I came across: this year’s season finale is going to blow you away, literally. The big nuclear explosion in New York City WILL OCCUR. It won’t be Peter’s doing — but the other hero we’ve recently met who is able to create nuclear explosions with his mind. The city will be destroyed, as will our Heroes, except for one very important character — Hiro. Since he will not be in the city when it occurs, he will be able to turn back the hands of time to before the explosion… But his powers, which are still in flux, will not stop at right before the explosion. Hiro will spin back time 20 years!! That’s right — the second season of the show will begin when all our characters are much younger, and we’ll start to really find out what happened back then to cause this DNA-malfunction (blessing) in all the heroes. It will make for, what I’m sure, will be a crazy and surprising 2nd season!

Hope this spoilers don’t ruin the show for those who watch religiously. Personally, these tidbits make me even more excited to watch and see how the writers cause these plot points to unfold!

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  1. I know ALL - October 5, 2007 at 2:24 pm -

    OMG! You are so stupid! Whoever told you this must be really out of the loop. He should get a druc test! None of that happens i have seen parts of the second season. WTF! Peter has all the powers??! Than explaine y nikki micah DL claire takezo kensei hiro and meany more had powers before they mert him. Peter has his memory erased by the haitian so he can’t remember how to explode and ted is killed by syler and syler loses his powers and nikki loses jessic she doesnt get a 3rd person. LOl this really made my day. how stupid can you be. My 2 cents!

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