WFME’s You Decide: 2 Tacos for $.99 or 99 Tacos for $.02?

Welcome, once again, to yet another edition of WFME’s You Decide. That’s where you decide between two choices, on your own, without any tampering from yours truly whatsoever.

This week, You Decide pulls back the film on the underbelly of what some people like to call El Socieded de Tacos (or, in English, The World In Which Tacos Reign Supreme) — which is not to be confused with a Supreme Burrito or Nacho Bell Grande Supreme. We’re talkin’ tacos today, people, so roll up those sleeves and get ready to decide.

2 Tacos for $.99? Or 99 Tacos for $.02?

Let’s get one major human nature thang out of the way. People are afraid of getting something for nothing. This is not a hypothesis, but in fact — a hard and true fact of society. Offer someone up some free anything, and they start to wonder just what the catch is. Offer someone something but ask them to pay for it, and they may very well feel better about the decision they’ve got to make. Why else do people think that the most expensive product is the best?

It’s all marketing.

And yet here we sit, today, faced with a conundrum of decision making processes. Would you rather buy two tacos for just under a dollar (which to me, seems like reasonable deal you can find in fast food places the world over) or would you rather buy 99 tacos for barely any money whatsoever (i.e. two cents)?

I go with the 99 tacos all the way.

Most people would say to themselves — “no way am I buying 99 tacos for two cents because first of all who sells that many tacos for that little — there’s gotta be something wrong with those tacos!” And it’s a thought process that makes sense. Because anyone who’s selling 99 tacos for two cents is either (a) taking part in some kind of experiment to see how many people are gonna buy said tacos, (b) losing money and using sub-par taco meat, or (c) insane. And nobody wants to be a part of an experiment, eat sub-par taco meat or have to actually sit somewhere and be thinking about what might be in those tacos while eating 99 tacos — which would literally take at least an hour anyway.

But I’d still go with the 99 tacos.

If you think about the guy making the 99 tacos — making 99 tacos takes a lot of time, no matter if you’re poisoning them or using horse meat in them. It still takes a ton of time and effort to make 99 tacos and make them look presentable. And then to go out and take all that time and effort to find someone to spend two cents on them. It’s like, why go to all that trouble, if you aren’t going to put your heart and soul into the 99 tacos.

But you could easily screw up two tacos on purpose and not worry about the waste of time, in the event that your two taco poisoning experiment didn’t “take.”

If you can put yourself in the shoes of the 99 taco maker for one second, you’ll immediately let out a sigh of fatigue just thinking about having to make 99 tacos. It’s a huge job and the only reason anyone would make 99 tacos would be that they have a passion for making tacos, and someone with a passion for making tacos would never try to screw up making those tacos in the first place.

So you know those 99 tacos would be good.

The two tacos for a buck? That’s where I totally question the quality of them. I would totally wonder about the person making them. Cause really, who makes only two tacos and sells them for a buck? Someone who is insane. That’s who.

So I go 99 tacos.

That’s where my final decision lies.

12 comments on “WFME’s You Decide: 2 Tacos for $.99 or 99 Tacos for $.02?

  1. Wordmaven - February 21, 2007 at 9:38 am -

    You’re sure this is hypothetical? ‘Cuz I have 2 cents right here and I am so excited about getting 99 tacos! Woo hooo!
    Oh, I know what the catch is! You’re going to buy all the Pepto Bismol and sell it for $100 an ounce.

  2. The Single Girl - February 21, 2007 at 9:41 am -

    I once watched a performance art piece where a guy ate 50 tacos. After seeing that my decision would be 2 tacos for 99 cents. The memory of the look on that man’s face towards the end is enough to steer me clear of 99 tacos.

  3. Jerry - February 21, 2007 at 10:21 am -

    I’m with you Paul. 99 for 2 cents becasue of ( c ) insane. I love crazy.

  4. dgm - February 21, 2007 at 12:21 pm -

    i think you chose the 99 tacos because you wanted to throw in your two cents.

  5. Dave2 - February 21, 2007 at 12:32 pm -

    Are you allowed substitutions on the 99 tacos? Because I don’t eat meat, and would like to have rice in my tacos instead. Taco Bell charges extra for this, which always makes me mad, but I think I’d be willing to go up to a nickel for those 99 tacos…

  6. James Cooper - February 21, 2007 at 12:55 pm -

    Would there be some sort of requirement that the buyer consume all 99 of the tacos or that they be eaten within a certain amount of time? If not, I’ll go with 99 tacos and have a taco party. Otherwise, it’s still the deal of the hour but a lot of tacos would go to waste on me.

  7. Kathleen - February 21, 2007 at 6:49 pm -

    I love it when you talk like taco bell

  8. Jacquie - February 22, 2007 at 4:30 am -

    Have you learned nothing from the ecoli attack you had from eating at Taco Bell only weeks ago Pauly D? How quickly you forget. Lucky for you, your readers are here to remind you.

  9. Jacquie - February 22, 2007 at 4:44 am -

    Hey Pauly, did you realize it is Pauly D appreciation day according to Girlspoke??? And there is already a battle going on for who adores you more.

    Does your wife realize what a hot commodity you are?

  10. a guy (who writes crap) - February 22, 2007 at 5:53 am -

    i’ll take 99 tacos for 2c, please. because…i’m asian and that’s how we roll!

  11. CJ - February 22, 2007 at 8:13 am -

    Thinking about it, 99 cent tacos are really the cure for many things, hunger being one of them. But another reason could be, to cure the hungry man (person, for our p.c. folks), standing on the corner with his sign, badgering me for my change. I’m not sure if it’s like this where you’re at, but here in Seattle, the homeless have endless amounts of pride, and simply ignoring them will never do. They talk back, and degrade your existance for simply, not flipping them a quarter. So, while I walk past/drive past/joyfully count my change past, the aforementioned bums, I would be more inclined to toss in two cents to the person knowing that their hunger could easily be quelled with my two shiny copper lincolns, so I would know that I’m effectively “making a difference”, cause really, not even the hungriest man could consume all 99; sure you have your freakshow, food eating contest people, but someone that’s scrounging for change to fill their bellies… they don’t have that kind of room in their daily shrinking gullet, thus they’d pass some tacos on to their equally dispaired bretheren.
    In this case your dollar could go further…
    That is to say that you’re not completely starving yourself and use the two cents for your own taco consuming rampage.
    F*CK two tacos for 99 cents… your days are numbered

  12. Jan - February 22, 2007 at 10:13 am -

    Depends on the size – are the 99 tacos particularly tiny? Like the size of a quarter?

    I have to say I am more suspicious of 99 tacos for 0.02. Unless they’re really small.

    I don’t know why, but the phrase “taco meat” makes me kind of shudder. A lot.

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