The Office’s Jenna Fischer Eats Out At Restaurants While Being Interviewed For Fitness & Health Magazines…Just Like You!

Celebrities aren’t so different from you and me.

They go to the bathroom like you do. And they brush their teeth like you do. And they exercise in their dedicated workout room on the fourth floor of their Brentwood mansion on the elliptical machine just like you do. And they get botox like you do and liposuction like you do and they even have meetings with people who they pay to guide their careers like you do.

That’s why it was no surprise to me this past week when I saw The Office‘s Jenna Fischer eating out at a restaurant and being interviewed for a fitness and health magazine spread she was going to be photographed for…just like the rest of us.

By now, if you live in Los Angeles and read WFME, you know that there’s one place in the San Fernando Valley where the highest concentration of celebrities show up to “not be seen.” And this week, it was the adorable Jenna Fischer. Thanks to the success of The Office she’s begun to climb climb climb up to the top. As we speak, she’s just finished her work on an upcoming Will Ferrell comedy Blades of Glory in which she stars opposite the wacky SNL alum. She’s funny, an understated but clever actress, healthy, fit and…

…hasn’t quite learned how to use her “I’m a Star in Public” voice, yet.

When you’re starting to find success in Hollywood as an actor or actress, there’s a lot of steps and changes that one needs to make to themselves in preparation of such ascension. You get a high-powered publicist. You switch managers. You change agencies. You put the word out about the kinds of roles you’d like to get (for Jenna, she’s looking for the kinds of roles Christina Applegate has nabbed). And above all, you learn to develop your “I’m A Star In Public” Voice.

Which means, you talk very quietly so no one else can hear you.

This past week when I happened to be eating near the starlett and a magazine reporter asking her questions, both ladies decided they didn’t care what anyone else heard, and so I’d like to share the details I overheard. Know this, as a disclaimer: I don’t have the best hearing since the Thumbtack Incident of ’81 and so I might be a tad off on a few of these things.

  1. Jenna Fischer is married to screenwriter James Gunn, writer of Slither.
  2. Jenna Fischer would like to be considered for the kinds of roles Christina Applegate has nabbed.
  3. Jenna Fischer has to go to the bathroom, and she’ll be right back.
  4. Jenna Fischer is a supportive wife to her screenwriting husband.
  5. Jenna Fischer, yes, will have more water.
  6. Jenna Fischer, just like you and me, will be posing for photographs tomorrow with Jamie Pressly.
  7. Jenna Fischer really enjoys working with everyone on The Office.
  8. Jenna Fischer has really appreciated the interview today.

Then again, while she may not have developed her “I’m A Star In Public” voice, she might have developed her “I’m Not Going To Give Away Anything Gossipy In Public” voice instead.

Still, you gotta love her!

9 thoughts on “The Office’s Jenna Fischer Eats Out At Restaurants While Being Interviewed For Fitness & Health Magazines…Just Like You!”

  1. James Gunn, “writer of Slither”? He wrote and directed Slither (great), and wrote Dawn of the Dead (great) and the Scooby-Doo movies (uh…), and is one of the biggest screenwriters in Hollywood.

  2. Hey, had the pleasure to meet Jenna recently and have to say she’s one of the nicest, most down to earth actresses working in TV today.So don’t diss the missus just because she didn’t adhere to your preconceived notion that everyone in Hollywood is “Hollywood.” She’s definitely one who isn’t, and probably never will be even when she becomes a bigger star.

  3. Give the girl a break. She was a receptionist for years and
    no doubt had to shout to be heard over the office din.
    Give her time. At least she’s not doing blow in the restrooms
    of Hyde and writing drunken text messages to God and everyone.

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