The Continuing Saga of Star Jones

Yesterday’s post about Star Jones joining WFME sure ruffled a lot of feathers, especially those of my regular readers.

Other people that had never come to this site in the first place left disparaging comments about Star and it started to make me question my choice in asking her to join us here at WMFE in August. But then I realized that I was letting the gossip and the press and the chaos get to me. I decided a perfect solution would be to get Star to potentially write a blog entry about why she made the choice so everyone could see how her intentions were good.

I didn’t get her to do that, but she said it would be OK for me to post the phone call I had with her this morning about this whole chaotic scenario. You can listen to our phone call here.

Words For Your Enjoyment: Names on Bricks

Ah, glorious Friday.

And what better way to enjoy the day before an extremely-long holiday weekend than to point your eyes in the direction of this weeks’ “Words For Your Enjoyment? Where the readers supply the ideas, they get a little bit of credit for doing so, and I do my best to craft a myriad of words for all of you on the subject.

And well, today — yes, it’s no different.

This week, WFYE submission two-timer Mark writes: “Can you give us your thoughts on people who spend money to have their names put on bricks? This is really becoming widespread.”

Indeed it is, Mark.

Your Silent Cry Is Worth Its Weight In Gold

There’s a reason someone stole Evard Munch’s famous painting “The Scream.”

It’s because the art thieves who stole it knew something very very important. They knew that the silent cry is the most powerful facial expression in the history of the world. They knew that the painting, which symbolizes all that is, mute sadness, is more influential than money, more convincing than words and the most unnatural facial expression accompanied by zero sound ever.

That’s why your silent cry is worth its weight in gold.

Star Jones Will Be Joining WFME

You may or may not have read today’s New York Times article about Star Jones leaving ABC’s The View.

For those who don’t know, ABC’s The View is a daily morning talk show that was founded by Barbara Walters and has waltzed its way into America’s heart over the last few years. Star Jones, one of the few standouts of the program, has brought levity and humor to the show for years and has been given nothing back in return (except for lots of money and fame). And this week, that tradition of “getting nothing back” continued when ABC announced they were not going to renew her contract this Fall.

But there’s always a silver lining to life’s biggest disappointments.

Today’s Prognosis on Disappearing Animals

I had a girlfriend once. Once.

And one night while we were sitting around her apartment there came a clatter from the closet. “Probably just the house settling,” I bravely suggested. But alas, there was more going on than that. When we opened the closet door we found a small scary-looking lizard rooting around in her umbrellas. We jumped back, startled, and did the only thing two Los Angeles residents with a lizard in their closet can do…

We sprayed it to death with Windex.