FPJ Returns, Then Leaves My Life Forever

If you’re new to WFME you may want to catch up on the Freddie Prinze, Jr. saga here.

In a nutshell, after working on a creative endeavor with the (now) star of his own ABC television show (which may or may not be coming back next season) and the periodic guest (star) on Boston Legal — we parted ways after he wouldn’t vocally admit to being my “best friend.” It was a strange scenario that was only compounded by his wife SMG treating me like crap and leaving a potentially strange message on my voice mail.

Needless to say, I thought it was all over until last week.

If I Had Actually Been That Kid Eric Stoltz Played In “Mask”

This may be before your time, but I don’t care.

You may or may not have also seen the classic 80’s flick MASK starring Eric Stoltz as Rocky Dennis, a kid born with a really horrible facial deformation whose mother (played by Cher) is a biker-chick who is doing her best to raise a kid who is obviously a social outcast due to his horrific looking face. The story itself is inspirational and heart-warming (Rocky eventually falls for a blind girl at a summer camp played by Laura Dern, who falls for who he is and not what he looks like), and has a moral that goes a little something like, “It’s who you are on the inside that matters, and not how you look.”

But had I actually been that kid in MASK things would have played out a little bit differently.

Intro, Podcast, Intro

Having come to a significant turning point in the world of podcasting, I use this new audio opportunity to debate between a slew of new podcast intros and try to decide which one is worthy of WFME.

Maybe even you can help by listening to it here.

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Today’s Conversation In The Airport Bathroom That Never Happened

[At New York’s Kennedy Airport]

I approach the sink to wash my hands before leaving the bathroom. Another man exits a stall, and approaches the sink. He puts his hands under the soap dispenser but doesn’t dispense any soap. Then he starts to wash his hands.

Me: “You didn’t get any soap on your hands.”
Him: “Excuse me?”
Me: “Well, you made a motion like you were putting soap on your hands, but you didn’t press it hard enough so none of the soap came out on your hands.”
Him: “I have soap on my hands.”
Me: “No, look — there’s no bubbles.”
Him: “Are you crazy?”
Me: “No, just conscious of whether or not you got soap on your hands — I figured maybe you thought you got soap on your hands, then just started washing or something…maybe you were thinking about your flight or seeing your family or something and just weren’t paying attention or something. Needless to say…no soap.”
Him: “Do you go around worrying about if other people have soap on their hands? Is that it?”
Me: “The world is an unsanitary place. I’m just trying to do my part.”
Him: “Then why don’t you wash your hands with soap and leave well enough alone?”
Me: “Fine, but I’m gonna tell someone you didn’t use soap.”

An Assembly Line of Words

Just off the assembly line is the June edition of Wired Magazine, which features my latest “yarn” entitled Introducing…the 2006 Pixar!

The article takes a quick detour from normal movie previews to give a look at Pixar creative guru John Lasseter and how a childhood obsession with cars eventually turned into the upcoming flick of the same name. Plus, I pull back the curtain of secrecy on some of the really cool hidden “inside jokes” the folks at Pixar have poured into the gas tank of their next digital marvel.

You can check out a scan of the article here.