It’s Time To Come Clean About My Big Head

It started on November 23rd, 2004.

It was a day that will live in infamy. It was the day I threw caution to the wind and announced to my readers that I was convinced that my head was too big for my body. The world chimed in. People with their own big-head issues discussed their own concerns. And eighty-six comments later the thread is still going strong as thousands (or, um, 86 people) use the thread as a support network for big-headed thinkers worldwide.

But somewhere in the middle of the discussion, I had an idea.

Announcing the NEW Lost Blogs

In preparation of the release of my new book The Lost Blogs, I would like to present to you the official, sharp-looking, plastic-surgery enhanced cover of the book. Having had one of these slick, shiny babies in my hands I can tell you that in addition to using it as a book, it also makes a great plate, sunlight reflector and conflict resolution device (read: terrorist or hostage situations).


Words For Your Enjoyment: Talking with TomKitten

Thank you for joining us yet again for “Words For Your Enjoyment.”

This week, WFME pal Sarcomical asks, “How about you submit to the lowest denominator and give us your version of what you imagine the brand new TomKitten’s 18th birthday celebration will be like?”

How about I do you one better, good old friend S-Mical, and talk to TomKitten now? The baby offspring of Tom Cruise at Katie Holmes has just come into this world after nine months and probably has lots to say on a variety of subjects, don’t you think?

An Operation of Words

Yes, it’s time for yet another edition of Wired Magazine to hit the stands.

In the May edition of the mag (which hit streets today), yours truly came up with the ultimate artifact from the future for the back page of the mag — a futuristic version of the classic Hasbro game Operation. Wonder what a game like that might challenge you to take out of a futuristic human? Well, look no further.

Now go out and buy the magazine so you can read the articles.