Aquariums: Stupid Wastes Of Time or Stupid Wastes of Time?

A transparent tank of water in which fish and other water creatures and plants are kept.

Just the sound of that explanation of what an aquarium is pretty much puts you to sleep, doesn’t it? A transparent tank of water? Yeah, not too sexy. In which fish and other water creatures and plants are kept? Woo hoo. Can’t you just feel the excitement bubbling up inside of you? Don’t you feel your feet starting to tap away in an eclectic rhythm of happy thoughts? Isn’t it just too much passion to handle for just one day?

Yeah. No.

Today’s Post Will Be About Amazon, How They’re Shipping My Book Now, How Giddy That Makes Me Feel And A Short Story About The Post Office Angel

Hey, I’ve got a secret.

You probably have no idea what this secret is going to be, but it’s a secret that’s sort of making me giddy and so I wanted to share it with everyone. Okay, look – I’ll give you a hint. It’s about my new book. And Amazon. And about the postal service. No, not the band. The United States Postal Service.

Maybe you should read more if you really want to know the secret.

So, if you were one of the lucky ones who pre-ordered The Lost Blogs, you may have already received the book in your mailbox as soon as yesterday. (A WFME reader already sent me a picture of them, reading the book, with their dog.) Pretty crazy, since the book isn’t supposed to hit shelves until May 8th.

Words For Your Enjoyment: Blog Scavenger Hunt

What’s more for your enjoyment than winning something…right?

That’s why I figured today would be a perfect day for dusting off the blog scavenger hunt and throwing it your way on this last Friday of April 2006. And what better thing to give away than a fresh, new-smelling copy of The Lost Blogs — hitting stores near you on May 8th, 2006.

As always, if you can be one of the first three to submit the correct answer, you’ll be walking away with a signed first edition copy of the book.

So, how does this whole Blog Scavenger Hunt thing work?

Today’s Prognosis on Pomegranate Juicers

Some might say it’s like a religion or a cult.

I mean, what would you think if a group of crazy, wide-eyed individuals rushed up to you in a supermarket, their mouths blood-red with a liquid so heinous it would force you to guard your eyes… What would you think about a group of people so intent on getting you to drink “the elixir of life” that they would force the crystal glass goblets into your hands and close your own hands around the bottle. What kind of fear would you feel when your belief systems were challenged by a group of well-dressed, Stepford-like juice-wielding strangers?

Welcome to the world of POM.