CSI’s Gary Dourdan Likes To Drive Fast, Then Stop As If He’s Going To Kick Your Ass

Today’s post is not meant for children without adult supervision.

It will tell the story of C.S.I.‘s Gary Dourdan, who happened to be speeding down my residential street, out in front of my house, in his BMW 7-Series, speed speed speeding along without a care in the world and then how he came face to face with a concerned homeowner (ME) who decided to put a stop to his blatant disregard for the laws of the road.

There may be some cursing involved, too — although I’m not 100% sure yet.

How Line Drawing In Cars Can Save The World

We’ve all been there.

Sitting in the backseat of a car with a cousin or a sibling or a really annoying friend who has decided, for some reason or another, to draw the fictitious imaginary line of which we are not to pass. Like a real world border, crossing such a line will wreak havoc on our personage — from pinches, hurtling fists and a variety of other childish retribution.

But such an act could very well save the world as we know it.

Words For Your Enjoyment: Just Adding Water

Oh, glorious Friday!

How I long for your end-of-the-week touch. Oh, how I thirst for your F-bomb beginnings and your why-oh-Y endings. Aah, your scent is like a beer-soaked onion ring and a slice of pizza wafting across the cavernous room of a bar where I may find myself at the day’s end. You complete me, Friday. You really do.

As does “Words For Your Enjoyment.

All poetic verbosity aside, today’s WFYE was submitted by on-again, off-again, on-again reader Jimi, who writes: “I know I am getting ahead of myself it only being Tuesday and all, but a potential WFYE topic – why is it that if you add water to powdered milk you get milk but when you add it to raisins you don’t get grapes?”

Death of the Piggy Back Ride

Dead and gone, people.

Because no matter how much you plead, no matter how much you cite musical montages from your favorite movies, no matter how much you try to convince your partner how much fun they really can be…

No matter how light you are and no matter how strong your friend’s back may be and no matter how much alcohol you’ve both just consumed…

…the Piggy Back Ride is dead.

When did it happen? How did it occur? Why did a world full of happy-go-lucky people suddenly wake up, turn around and tell us to stop trying to jump up on their backs? When did the romantic piggy back ride become extinct? When did it suddenly turn from a carefree sign of wild fun and turn into the most “uncool back-riding hobby of the 21st Century?”