Mr. Six Revealed!

Some mysteries are never solved.

Like Stonehenge, Roswell and Jimmy Hoffa. Like Oak Island, the assassination of JFK, and what the monster is on the island in Lost. From the Bermuda Triangle, Jack the Ripper and thousands more cases — the world is filled with unsolved and un-proven mysteries that continue to inspire exploration, investigation and introspection.

Today, we have one less mystery to solve.

You may or may not remember that I had previously been on a search for Mr. Six, the Six Flags Magic Mountain iconic commercial character who danced his way into all of our hearts via the Venga Boys tunes. Yet, no matter how close I thought I had come to solving the mystery, the old-time dancing fool eluded me…and the Six Flags Corporation refused to fess up to his true identity.

It was a mystery that many tried to solve but one that none were successful at.

Searches for “Mr. Six” plagued online search engines. Discussion overloaded internet chat rooms. People ended up at this blog location (WFME) as one stop on a long journey to discover once and for all who the man “behind the prosthetic old-guy face and dark glasses” actually was. The media asked Six Flags, but were turned away. Well-known advertising magazines dug deeper. Individuals like myself peered into the darkness for answers.

And still there were no answers.

Six Flags remained stone-faced, unwilling to reveal who Mr. Six was…and as of November 2005 when Mr. Six’s popularity was at its height — Six Flags decided it was time to end the ad campaign due to the fact that the new owner (Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder) felt the wildly-successful character skewed too young.

Mr. Six was over. He was done. But was he gone?

Yet still — the mystery remained. Who was Mr. Six? Where did he go? Was he a performer or a dancer, was he a well known actor or an unknown whom we would soon come to be introduced to? Much like the Zapruder film, would some piece of evidence emerge to prove once and for all the true identity of Mr. Six?

Yes. Yes it would.

Although I cannot reveal my sources currently (although if put in jail and forced to release them I may give them up since I like homemade meals too much to miss out on them), I can reveal to you once and for all that it has been confirmed that the official, true identity of one Mr. Six is none other than:

Queer Eye for the Straight Girl‘s Danny Teeson

The gal-pal from the Bravo TV spin-off show is a native of England who “learned first hand about food and wine at the feet of his grandmother, who taught him how to cook at the age of five.” Teeson was a member of the original London cast of “Fame the Musical” where he was dance captain and understudy to Tyrone Jackson and Joe Vegas. “After several years of performing in various productions, Teeson moved from theatre into commercial dance, where he danced and choreographed for artists such as Kylie Minogue, Geri Halliwell, Diana Ross, Gloria Estefan, Usher, Mya and Tom Jones, with whom he won 2000’s best music video for “Sex Bomb.” Eventually, he began to coach artists on body language, stage presence, inner confidence, social know-how, and basically, how to be a star.”

Although names have been protected to keep them safe from Six Flags’ wrath — the confirmation came to WFME just recently when a source who had worked with individuals that had helped film the Six Flags commercials let the identity of Mr. Six (assuming it was OK since the campaign was now over) slip. Six Flags, of course, still has no comment — and continues to deny the true identity even now that the floodgates are poised to open. But now that the truth is out, Six Flags is going to have to finally fess up to one of advertising’s biggest questions.

Here at WFME, this is a true journalistic scoop as this information has yet to be revealed anywhere else…this is the first time and mention of Mr. Danny Teeson as “Mr. Six” — and although we haven’t specifically spoken to Danny yet, we suspect that today’s stunning revelation will be confirmed and passed along to major media outlets in the coming days.

Yes, the mystery has been solved.

As for Danny Teeson, we salute you and your old guy dancing fake prosthetic know-how, and thank you for finally allowing us to put this Sphinx-like riddle to rest.

Long live, Mr. Six.

(Update: Even more evidence has surfaced confirming this 100%.)

63 comments on “Mr. Six Revealed!

  1. […] This week’s edition of In Touch (February 20th issue) mentions my announcement of February 1st and devotes half a page to the solved mystery. They also go on to suggest that my recent discovery puts me second in line to marrying Angelina Jolie when Brad Pitt gets tired of lugging around those kids. What can I say? That’s showbiz. […]

  2. Paul H - February 12, 2006 at 9:43 pm -

    Poor Mr. 6 was on a news cast and groped Diane Sawyer as he passed behind her. She sort of jumped up in the air with an astounded rather then pleased look. I’ll bet that is why he was canned. Get it? Canned. PH

  3. SEC - February 13, 2006 at 7:01 am -

    We were convinced Paul H was Mr. Six! Rats!

  4. Meredith - February 16, 2006 at 8:23 am -

    Nicely done! He’s a nationwide spokesman (not just for Magic Mountain) and he has actually traveled the country in a big Six Flags bus visiting the parks. I almost got to meet him when I volunteered for a community day at Six Flags America, but I was working in the wrong part of the park at the time.

  5. […] Another item for newspapers is to consider is that they rarely link bloggers in online articles. One example, In a recent article the New York Post did give credit to Paul Davidson, the actor, screenwriter, and producer for digging up a story about the true identity of Mr. Six, the Six Flags Magic Mountain iconic commercial character who danced his way into all of our hearts via the Venga Boys tunes. But they didn’t actually link his blog. This is just one example. Plenty of stories have been broken by bloggers, and plenty of stories have been broken by newspapers,news reporters, and average folks all across the world using pen and paper. […]

  6. […] On the heels of revealing the identity of Mr. Six, the anonymous tips keep on coming to Words For My Enjoyment. […]

  7. […] Since we’re all still mourning the loss of Astroworld, and since it’s a pretty slow day for Houston news, we thought you might be interested in finding out the true identity of Mr. Six, the creepy yet entertaining Six Flags mascot. […]

  8. […] You’re probably asking yourself how I know such things or what kind of state’s evidence Ms. Segal gave the local government that required that she enter the Witness Protection Program or how I was even able to uncover such sensitive information such as this if she was technically, really in the Witness Protection Program but let’s not forget that I was the one who “outed” Mr. Six and was subsequently featured in a major rag mag as a result of such outage. […]

  9. […] I followed the image link back to a New Jersey transit blog post from 2004 complaining about having to see this guy on transit ads. It got me curious. I had previously found out the character’s name from the Six Flags ads is “Mr. Six”. I searched on that term and it led me to another blog where writer Paul Davidson had just this year uncovered the actor behind Mr. Six. […]

  10. JT Chandler - September 8, 2006 at 2:58 pm -

    I figured he liked little boys not the big ones…

  11. Ian - January 29, 2007 at 11:22 am -

    the person who plays MR. Six varies…the player changes. It can be Danny Teeson one day or a 14 yr. old African American kid with heavy makeup and dances really well

  12. […] the past, some confidential tips have been 100% legitimate (see Mr. Six and the major media press that followed. Other times, the tips result in mediocre spoilers that […]

  13. Leah - August 4, 2007 at 2:41 pm -

    poor guy. Now that the “secret’s out” He’ll be known as the creepy dancing 6 flaggs guy…If only he knew what he got him self into…

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