I Probably Wouldn’t Save You If Your Car Was Hanging Off An Embankment

Sure, I’ve fantasized about it.

There I am, driving down a darkly-lit mountain road, and as I come around the twisting corner I notice a car halfway off the embankment, having crashed through the guardrail. I quickly pull over, jump out of my car and run to you where I risk life and limb to reach out and pull you back from the chasm that would have claimed your life. I rescue you, you embrace me, and the news reports it as so.

Sadly, though — if it really happened I probably wouldn’t save you if your car was hanging off an embankment.

Their Lost Blogs

Seems that The Lost Blogs has it’s own grass roots campaign.

Much like the whales and um, a bunch of other grass-rooty guys — WFME pal Kevin has organized (on his own) his own way to get the word out about The Lost Blogs by challenging bloggers to write blogs “as written” by historical folk during the week of April 10-14th.

“…Paul’s second book, The Lost Blogs: From Jesus to Jim Morrison, is due to be released to the book-whoring public on May 8, 2006 (you can preorder it from Amazon.com, among other online booksellers now). The book covers how blogs by some of the most famous people in the world might read. It really is an interesting concept and in an attempt to help get word out about this book, I am proposing that we, as Pauly’s fellow bloggers, readers, and fans, start our own pseudo-celebrity blogs…”

Having stumbled upon Kevin’s plans last week I was both flattered and appreciative and decided to throw some schwag into the mix, offering up first-edition signed copies of the book to the Top 3 Best Historical Blogs (as judged by me) that are written during what I’m calling “Kevin’s Week ‘o Grass Roots Kind of Stuff”.

So, if you’re interested and want to participate, check out the rules and be a part of history that never was.

Jessica Simpson’s Got An Easy Alarm Code

On the heels of revealing the identity of Mr. Six, the anonymous tips keep on coming to Words For My Enjoyment.

This week, anonymous sources connected to alarm company ADT confirm that when Jessica Simpson was asked to provide a hard-to-guess, enigmatic secret alarm code for her palatial Malibu-adjacent newlywed estate (the one she moved into with “just married” hubbie Nick Lachey)…she picked something that no one would have ever imagined: the code word Austin.

A city in Texas, nearby to where she grew up. The exact place in which “Newlyweds” Simpson & Lachey got married on October 26th, 2002. A word that, if re-arranged, spells ‘U Saint’.

Well, I guess it’s better than her last name.

If I Lost My Left Foot In A Tragic Skiing Accident That Involved A Bear, Two Explosive Devices And A Leaf Blower

If you’ve seen Final Destination then you know what an elaborate accident is.

But even if you haven’t, you’ve probably imagined the myriad of elaborate ways you may or may not die when your time comes. Your visual may involve water or peanuts or brown paper bags… Your imagination might take hold and put you in a scenario involving a mob boss, a ziploc bag and a South American rhino.

For me — it often involves losing my left foot in a tragic skiing accident that involves a bear, two explosive devices and a leaf blower.

I Am The Ambassador of Sprint

I’ve always thought I would make a great Diplomat.

That’s why when I was recently contacted to become the Official Ambassador of Sprint, I was giddy with excitement. Being selectively chosen to receive a brand-new multi-media phone from Sprint, for no charge, for six months of unlimited usage was a glorious development that made me realize once and for all that my future was definitely in for a huge make-over.

Because I am now the Ambassador of Sprint.