WFME’s It’s True! (Paula Abdul is Crazy Edition)

Seems that Paula Abdul is crazy.

Whether or not you thought she was crazy when she danced her way into Janet Jackson’s music videos… And whether or not you thought she was crazy when she married cad-about-town Emilio Estevez… And whether or not you thought she was crazy when she argued and cried over her interactions with Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson on American Idol

And whether or not it made you cringe when it came out that she’d hooked up (supposedly) with an Idol contestant…

Seems that Paula Abdul is crazy.

An Open Letter To You, Labelmaker

Yes, you are the master.

You are able to tweak the fonts and change the tape and make any folder label fit in the manilla file folder window. You are the expert in the office when it comes to teaching people how to use those “hidden” characters on the keyboard. Sure, you make it sound easy with the “press this ALT key and then the hidden character in a faint shade of blue” thing, but you secretly make it sound so confusing in the hopes that people will come back again for more.

The Curse of ‘Princes’

The Princes of Malibu are pissed.

Not only has Brandon and Brody Jenner’s mother Linda filed for divorce this past week from step-dad David Foster, but after only two episodes being aired on FOX — the show is being moved to a less than stellar location called (wait for it)… The Fox Reality Channel!

Heard of it? Have it? Hate it?

Either way, if you enjoyed the show then you’ll be able to catch the remaining four episodes starting this Sunday at 8:30pm ET on the cable channel (DirecTV subscribers have it, I don’t know about the rest of you). If you didn’t enjoy the show then you can revile in the fact that re-runs of The Simpsons will return in its place.

Words For Your Enjoyment: Capital Letters

This week, I would like to refrain from mentioning that it is Friday, that there is a new “Words For Your Enjoyment” coming your way, and that if you enjoyed this particular WFYE column, then you may want to take a little jaunt through the archives to look at the previous week’s WFYE installments.

I want to stay away from saying anything like that. Ok? OK.

This week, WFME neighbor to the Great White North, Crista, (who was in a mood when she submitted this idea) said, “Today I have something against capital letters. Why can’t I be against capital letters? Because everyone else does it, so too should I?”

So, true Crista. So true.

If Blogging Was A Neighborhood, You’d Kill Your Neighbors

In blogging, typical good neighbor rules do not apply.

In the real world, imagine this scenario: One of your friends who lives from outside your normal neighborhood comes to you house. While they’re having dinner with you and your family and friends, they look out the window and see who lives next door. They don’t say much about it, but they just sorta take a look and, well, that’s it. At the end of the evening you say goodbye to your good friend and go to sleep.