An Island of Words

Hitting stands right about now is the July edition of Wired Magazine — and within it, yet another piece by yours truly.

This month, my piece is titled Island of Lost Souls and looks at Michael Bay’s upcoming “clones on the run” flick The Island and how, for good or for bad, a lot of the themes and elements in the film feel as though we’ve seen them before. That, these elements have been, for all intents and purposes cloned from other movies to make his.

I compare The Island to movies like THX 1138, Logan’s Run, The Truman Show and The Matrix and interview the man on what he thinks about those movies and sci-fi in general.

If I Ate Bugs

If I ate bugs, my life would be different.

No longer would I be known for my writing and my humor and my humour (UK-based) and my blog and the way I wear my hair when I’m feeling a little bit tacky. No longer would I be lauded for my talents or my ability to gleek or my friendships or my barbecue’ing skills.

I would be known as the guy who eats bugs.

“You knew that Paul eats bugs, didn’t you?”
“He would rather eat bugs than pizza!”
“Well, they do say that bugs are full of protein!”

Me and “My Part” in The Breakfast Club

You may or may not be aware that the 20th Anniversary of the film The Breakfast Club recently occured and was celebrated at the MTV Movie Awards with appearances by some of the film actors including Ally Sheedy, Anthony Michael Hall and Molly Ringwald. It was a blast from the past that was both surreal and freaky.

And it got me to thinking.

The Breakfast Club, for those who don’t know or are too young to know, is about a weekend in detention for the typical archetypes of high school students: the beauty queen, the criminal, the jock, the outcast, and the geek. Over the course of the weekend, they get to know each other, their walls break down, and they all become friends.

Long Term Words

It’s amazing how long it takes for a book to make it to the shelves.

And at the same time, it’s amazing how…sometimes, if a publisher really wants to rush a book into the marketplace they can do so in a relatively short amount of time.

Let’s compare Consumer Joe and Amber Frey’s Witness: For the Prosecution of Scott Peterson. I sold my book in July. Contracts were done by November. The book didn’t come out until the following September. In all, even though the book needed zero editing because you couldn’t alter the letters in the book — it still took (from sale to release in stores) about fourteen months.

Amber Frey’s book — was announced and released in about three.

The Post Where I Lament About Not Getting Any More Calls From Solicitors

Uh, so…yeah.

They stopped calling me. The solicitors who rang my phone every day on the hour have decided, based on some information which I am not privy to, that I am no longer worthy to call.

I’m not kidding, here. I used to get a call or two a day from phone solicitors. I used to get calls often where I said “hello” and there was a silence, then the sound of people talking way off in the background, and then my personal solicitor finally coming to the phone to offer me the latest in deals, special pricing plans and complimentary gifts.

But no more.