Saturday’s Stream of Consciousness

Aaah, the kitchen sink.

You know, there used to be a pizza they used to call the “kitchen sink” and they’d throw absolutely everything on that pizza from beef to olives to pocket lint and when all was said and done, well, you’d feel pretty damn sick.

Almost as sick as I thought I felt last night when I picked up an Italian Chicken Chopped Salad from a place here in Los Angeles called Il Trezzamino. Normally, great food — this salad had something deathly wrong with it. For when I would take a bite I would not only taste the normal flavor but something so noxious I had to spit it out onto the plate. I immediately called the restaurant who had this wonderfully consoling conversation with me:

Words For Your Enjoyment: Intoxicated Snake Kissing

“You’ve got your whole life ahead of you, unless you turn around.”

If you’re trying to figure out who said that… If you’re racking your brain trying to determine just which world famous writer crafted such a mind-bending query… Well, it’s time to forget about that and instead direct your attention to today’s “Words For Your Enjoyment”!

That’s where unsuspecting readers provide an unsuspecting writer (not to say they’re not writers either) an unsuspecting idea for an unsuspecting post. Yes, there’s a lot of clueless unsuspecting items around the house today. Nonetheless, Andrea provides WFYE with today’s crazy story which has sparked a question. She says:

Rarity of the Day

There are websites, and then there are websites. And then, after you’ve looked at those websites they still can’t even hold up against this.

Seriously, kick-ass design and pretty damn original.

Ben’s Musical Words

If you’re a fan of Ben Folds, then you’re well aware that his new album “Songs For Silverman” came out yesterday. If you’re also a big fan of Ben Folds, you may have gotten wind of a bonus disc only available through his fan club called “Songs For Goldfish.”

Then again, maybe you’re not.

Most of “Songs For Goldfish” is made up of live tracks from concerts, but there’s a great track on the disc which serves up two Radio Jingles that Ben Folds did for a Tokyo radio station called Inter-FM.

It’s yours to listen to, free for a limited time!

Athletic Words

Hitting stands sometime this week is the May/June issue of Mental_floss magazine — the special “10 Issue.” Included in the pages and pages of worthwhile trivia you just can’t live without is an article by yours truly about the “10 Most Underappreciated Spectator Sports.”

What do those include? Well, everything from badminton, curling and synchronized swimming to Golden Tee, Jai Alai and foosball. Yes, there all in there for your perusal, curiosity and pure damn spankin’ enjoyment.

So, you know, go out and buy it or something.