I Will Not Call This Entry “Funny Monday”

Does it ever seem like it takes about a month for the year to get moving?

There was a lot of chaos “in-the-works” in January, but now with the end of the month coming it appears as if things are gearing up to go into high gear.

First and foremost, I start working Monday as a Producer on a new FOX reality-hybrid/sitcom show, which I’ll disclose at a later date. My job will be to help create the show from scratch and map out all of the episodes (much like what Larry David does on Curb Your Enthusiasm with his outlined episodes) before the show goes into production. It should be a great experience, and I’ll keep you all updated as it progresses. The show has been announced, and I’ll point you towards the Variety article soon.

Words For Your Enjoyment: The O.C.

Aah, Friday.

Do you know anyone who says that? I once knew a guy at an office gig who was constantly walking around the office at the end of the week saying that with this breath-in-his-voice… It was like he was looking out at the Grand Canyon or something yet the Grand Canyon in this isolated case was, in actuality, a big Arizonian cavern called “Friday.”

It’s obvious he should have been sacked.

Nonetheless, along with Friday comes our ritualistic (with no blood shed) “Words For Your Enjoyment”! And this week’s creative suggestion comes from longtime WFME pal-o-ours, Chase. Chase asks, “Has Pauly D ever seen The O.C.? If so, or even if not, what would be his single episode guest arc?”

Wired Words

You knew it was just a matter of time, right?

I’m pleased to announce that my first contribution to Wired Magazine hits stands just about now, and looks into the inner-workings of one of the most eerie pieces of artificial intelligence built into an AIM chatbot. Called “This Smartbot is a Smartass,” you can find it in the February issue of Wired Magazine (pg. 50) — hitting stands now.

And for fans of Wired’s great back-page “Found” feature, stay tuned — the March edition of the mag (and back page) is all about the Pauly D.

A Few Words About Paley

Don’t get all hatin’ on me for posting a L.A.-centric post.

But if you do live in Los Angeles or are within driving distance and you love TV, you may want to check out the Museum of Television and Radio’s Paley Festival.

Each night of the festival pulls together a panel of the stars, producers, writers and directors of some of the most popular shows currently airing on TV. This year’s line-up includes nights dedicated to the following shows: NYPD Blue, In Living Color, Adult Swim, Law & Order, Desperate Housewives, Lost, Jack & Bobby, The L Word, Veronica Mars, Boston Legal, Deadwood, and An Evening with Michael Palin.