Words For Your Enjoyment: Big Sales! (S.F. Edition)

On this joyous Friday, WFME hopes everyone’s distended bellies have finally returned to normal shape, ready to get back to business on this beautiful San Franciscan day. And what better way to experience such a clear, crisp morning but to bring a special “Words For Your Enjoyment” to you from abroad.

This week, the ideas do not come from e-mails or IM’s or hand-written letters on exquisite stationary, but the topic comes from Grandparent camp, who are currently going off on an old-person tirade that goes a little bit something like this:

“Look at all these sales in the paper today. My gosh, there are so many sales. There’s so much savings being passed along to the consumer today. This is a wonderful thing.”

Their Words in Print

Tony Pierce has a blog. Tony Pierce has lots of things to say. Now, Tony Pierce has a book.

Like they [someone] always says… It doesn’t matter if what you write is published in hardcover, softcover, on a web page or on a cocktail napkin. If you are writing, you are a writer. And if you can find a way to put it into book form and gently subconsciously urge people to buy it — more power to you.

Good luck to Mr. Pierce. If his book is anything like his blog, I’m sure it will do quite well.

Stuffing Is The New Mortar

It hasn’t happened yet, but it will.

Contractors, faced with wanting to build a brick-structure with a substance between the bricks that will both (a) have some “give” during seismic shifts, (b) provide a stable and cohesive bond between fellow bricks, and (c) feed the homeless on cold winter nights — will soon turn to Thanksgiving Day leftover stuffing as their mortar of choice.

The FDA announced yesterday that “at the end of this year’s Thanksgiving Day holiday, Americans will dispose of over 16.5 million tons of stuffing that no one was able to stomach — and which should be reconstituted and used to help builders countrywide in their brick structures and urban mini-malls…”

Words on Hiatus

I can hardly even believe that these words are about to come out of my mouth.

But due to the holidays and travel and what-not, I have given myself a four-day hiatus from Words For My Enjoyment because honestly, what’s more enjoyable than having your stomach filled with yams and stuffing and chocolate and then passing out on the couch in front of the TV without having to even think of a thing to post?

Hiatus, baby. Hiatus.

But, as always — WFME will return with brand-new sparkling content on Sunday night to bring happiness and sparkliness to your life. (Of course, knowing me and my obsession to put things in digital print, there may very well be posts between now and then — but you know, gotta keep expectations low.)

The General Lee Big Wheel

I got this e-mail out of nowhere the other day — in response to nothing I was ever involved in:

I will buy your General Lee big wheel. I have a truck that I lifted and painted like the General. My mother was showing my wife some baby pictures of me. One was of me on the big wheel. I want one to match my truck. I looked all over the internet for one with no luck. What’s your price?

I have never been involved in any General Lee Big Wheel tomfoolery, just so you know. Never sold, pretended to sell, auctioned-off, what not. But still – not being able to leave well enough alone (see: phone solicitors), I responded: