I Have A Warm Hat

I have a warm hat.

This morning I got out of bed, went into my closet, took out my ghetto-skater wool skull cap and pulled it down over my head and I was in heaven.

But having such a warm hat has started to make me wonder if this hat is warm because it was made to be warm or because it is the only skull-cap wool hat I have ever worn and I do not know any different. Are there other warm skull-cap hats out there that are warmer? Am I living a false life thinking that my warm hat is the warmest hat out there?

Debating Charity

I am debating. Currently debating am I.

I was thinking the other day — man, you’d think I could take this whole blogging thing and use it for good. You know, sort of like blogging is my super-power like being able to look through walls or something, and being able to use such powers for, yeah — you get the point.

I thought to myself — what if I were to try and use blogging to raise money for a charity. What if the readers of WFME could help in that endeavor? What if, what if, what if? So here I am, in a sense, polling the readers of WFME to get your thoughts. Here’s what I am thinking:

Words For Your Enjoyment: Boba Milk Tea

Don’t people who laugh constantly, consistently and with no stopping point in sight make you very very very very very nervous? Me too, but that has nothing to do with today’s “Words For Your Enjoyment.”

For this week’s question, Fabian writes, “Today I bought a Boba Milk Tea for my wife. She loves them. I find them peculiar and somewhat tiresome. Where do you stand on Boba Milk Tea?”

Personally, I don’t find Boba Milk Tea to be “tiresome” but I do find Boba Milk Tea to be freaky. In fact, I feel as though Boba Milk Tea is the perfect drink for Halloween. Why?

SMG Gloats

This strange message found its way to my cell phone voice mail this afternoon:

Voice (on message): Guess who. Seriously, try and guess. Don’t know who it is? Hmmmm, let me see. How about a hint? How about…my movie was number one at the box office last weekend. How about…my career has been revitalized because of it. How about…now I have a financial hold on him and he’ll never admit to being your best friend. How about them apples?

(The phone hangs up.)