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A little love being thrown Pauly D’s way in today’s Daily Variety. Check it out…

Ascendant rises to ‘Grounded’
Spec script lands scribe


Ascendant Pictures has picked up the spec “Grounded” from tyro scribe Paul Davidson.

“Grounded” is the story of an intergalactic dictator who goes undercover as a high school science teacher after crash-landing in Nebraska. Chris Emerson will produce the project with Ascendant principals Chris Roberts, Christopher Eberts and Kia Jam.

Davidson also wrote the book “Consumer Joe: Harassing Corporate America, One Letter at a Time,” which Random House/Broadway published last September.

Criticism for Writers

Writers are characteristically not so good with criticism.

Sure, they’ll listen to your notes on their novel or their short story or their screenplay or their blog entry and they’ll appear to be so appreciative of your criticism and then you’ll go away and they’ll sit and stew for hours about the nerve that you have to be so open with your hatred.

Seriously, writers do this.

I like to think I’m pretty good with criticism. I always say to people from whom I want to get thoughts from, that if all they do is come back after reading something of mine and tell me it was great — that’s doing me a disservice. In fact, I’d rather have someone tell me (even if they love it overall) all the nitpicky little things that didn’t work for them. Telling me you loved my writing when I’ve asked for notes will result in, yes you guessed it, me leaving that piece of writing alone. Cause you loved it. See?

Please Don’t Ask Me To Play Office Nerf Basketball

I fear the cushy ball.

I guess I’ll have to come clean and tell you that I am not a good basketball player. I was never a fan of running up and down a basketball court, I was always travelling with the ball and if you asked me to do a lay-up, I would most likely miss the basket altogether and end up stepping out of bounds as I slammed into someone else and (had it been a professional game) caused a foul.

Sunday Is My Bedfellow

Sunday breeds laziness.

That’s what I love about Sundays. That for some unspoken reason you can sit on your butt all day long and watch “the classic films” on TBS, which these days are not the old-classics like Citizen Kane and Sunset Boulevard and Birth of a Nation but The Breakfast Club, Rain Man and Toys.

I’d like to meet the people in TBS’s advertising and marketing departments.

But no matter what’s on TV, Sundays allow me the unspoken ability to sit on my butt (as previously referenced in paragraph one), eat crap I’d never think of eating during the week, wear a baseball cap, play video games, sit on my butt a little more (as referenced in the first paragraph and this paragraph in the first sentence), do a little writing and think of additional ways I can spend money on things I don’t have the money for.

The Insanity of Tongue Depressors

First of all, they always say you’re never supposed to shove large wooden objects into your mouth.

As far back as I can remember, my third grade teacher Mrs. Miller (which is, yes, as far back as I can remember) used to tell us kids not to put the paste-stick in our mouths, not to put pencils or pens in our mouths (which I did), and not to try and bite off the rods on the top of the mini-chairs we sat on.

If you sit down and think about it, adults have been telling kids for a millenium not to eat or chew on wooden objects and definitely not to put anything like that in their mouths. Wood in mouths is an off-limit dealio.