This Week’s Amazing Events (And Who Will Play Them In The Movie Version)

It has been a crazy week, my friends. So crazy, that in Hollywood, the development executives from movie studios are now done with buying the rights to books and newspaper articles and are now buying up people’s everyday experiences!!

I was lucky enough to get many calls this week – and the following amazing events from my week will be turned into the following movies…

Breakfast Two-Times
Nicholas Cage returns to his classic comedic-form to play writer Paul Davidson — faced without having brought his lunch to work one day he must bite the bullet and eat breakfast not once…but twice! But when his boss finds out he’s been taking double his share of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, he has 24 hours to set things straight. His ex-wife and professional WNBA basketball star wife (played by Tea Leoni) doesn’t make things easy when she asks Paul (Cage) to take care of her organ-grinder monkey, Hans.

Editors Are Gods

Really, they are.

I have been back from Dallas for a little over a week now, and have been working in The Benefactor offices since I returned. In that time, I have had an opportunity to see clips and selections from the show itself. If I could describe them in five words, I would say that “they look pretty damn good.”

I’ve also been put in a position to help craft some promos here and there (I know, ambiguous) and have had the opportunity to work beside some editors. These guys are amazing. Not that I haven’t had the opportunity to work with editors before (I was an Apprentice Editor on the classic 90’s film Blink) but I have really been paying attention to their skill and speed and it just blows me away.

Kate Lee Wants To Be Your Friend

Little Katey Lee. None of her friends would have ever thought that someday she would be the subject of an article in the New Yorker. Then again, none of Kate’s family ever thought she would end up getting publicity in the New Yorker for being a twenty-seven year old assistant at ICM either. (For those who love Cliff Notes and don’t like to click links to other articles, the article basically highlights how this agency assistant is scouring blogs on a daily basis and hooking up blog writers with book deals based on their online talent.)

A twenty-seven year old assistant? At International Creative Management?

The Nightime Sniffling Sneezing Coughing Aching Stuffyhead Fever So You Can Rest Medicine

If you know me, you know that I once took Nyquil and woke up three days later.

Nyquil is, as far as I’m concerned, the closest things to suspended animation that we have in this day and age. There are, I’m guessing, a ton of people in today’s society who are their own Rip Van Winkles…each of which have taken Nyquil and then awakened days later in surprise. And they probably mentioned this strange situation to their family and friends and they all probably just told them they were crazy.

Making the matter even worse is the fact that Nyquil has such a catchy and quick little tagline that all the kids these days are probably chugging the stuff in back alleys and on the four-square blacktop at their elementary schools.

Why Shrek 2 and FOX’s The Swan Are The Same

If I was the writer of Shrek 2 or the Producers of FOX’s The Swan I would so be suing the other person right now.

After watching the movie and the show over the course of the last few days (the movie over the weekend and the finale of the FOX show last night) I had a realization. Both pieces of entertainment are exactly the same. Seriously. Sure, one is CGI and the other is real (I think). Take a look:

Shrek 2 stars two “ugly ogres” who want to be pretty-looking human beings so they can be the center of attention in their kingdoms. The Swan stars a bunch of “ugly ducklings” who want to be pretty-looking human beings so they can be the center of attention in their neighborhoods.