I’ll Give You Money If You Give Me A Hollow Bowling Ball

Aah, the weekend.

First weekend since I’ve been back in town where I think I’ll actually get some good rest. That’s, of course, different from my first weekend in Los Angeles (last weekend) when all I did was collapse at 9pm each night as I was both on Dallas time (2 hours later) and so so so tired.

Mark Cuban on CNNfn

For those chomping at the bit to find out or see more about The Benefactor, Mark Cuban was on CNNfn today at 3:30pm ET. During his 10-15 minutes on the channel, he talked about elements from the show and shared a video trailer for the show itself.

Knowing how CNNfn works, it will end up airing again tonight at 6 hour intervals, which puts it back on somewhere around 9:30pm ET and 3:30am ET.

The New Male Hug Redux

Awhile back I posted an entry about the new male hug. In it, I questioned how it was exactly that men were no longer just shaking hands, but doing that weird half-hug half handshake thing and how it made me nervous.

Today, I received an e-mail from someone who had more questions about my hug-history and I found it so thorough that I felt it would be great to put said e-mail here:


i read you man handshake page and i have a few questions.

Did you ask your friend y they switch a solid handshake to a half hug, if yes what was the explaination?

Words For Your Enjoyment: Toilet Paper Packaging

I was here last Friday, here the week before that and here the week before that. And each and every one has contained what the people-behind-the-scenes here at WFME call “Words For Your Enjoyment!”

This weeks column idea comes from Reluctant Writer who said: “For a long time, we’ve had a policy at our house never to buy toilet paper with pictures of babies or puppies on the package. This policy has become impossible to enforce and still have TP at home. All the packages these days have either babies or puppies! Babies kind of fit on TP packages, I suppose, but puppies!?! Why puppies? What do they have to do with TP? Why not photos of green, green grass or flowers or plumbing?”

I Can Convince You That Chicken Strips Are Better Than Fish Sticks

Yes, I will repeat the title of this post: I can convince you that chicken strips are better than fish sticks. And they are not only better than fish sticks, but they put the major slam down on fish sticks. I would even go so far as to say that chicken strips are like the Pope whereas fish sticks are like the current misdirected leaders of the future Iraqi government.

And if you get what that means (because I don’t) then may the great God above bless you with a thousand papal-blessings.