Production Diary 1.430

I’m sorta diggin’ this Star Trek-esque numbering I’ve got going on with the 1.430 thing.

Today was a long day that could have gone even longer had I decided to stay around the set. It was, for all intents and purposes, and awesome day with really great stuff. When the show airs you will so know what I mean when I say that Cuban has personality and is personable with others. He is not a stand-offish Trump whose personal conversations all originate from cue cards. The show is damn cool.

Words For Your Enjoyment: Vegetarians

This week’s “Words For Your Enjoyment” is the second edition to come to you straight from the heart of Texas where I am currently working as a Producer on the ABC show The Benefactor. The weekly WFYE column is usually provided by you and then I give you a wonderful link to your blog or site.

This week, you’re all a bunch of lazy losers. And so, instead — this week’s column is brought to you by my very close friend with whom I share a very deep emotional connection. He dug deep and provided this week’s topic which has to do with the world’s most annoying and vocal food snobs… Vegetarians.

I Am The Most Successful Hypochondriac In The World

I can complain like no other human on the face of the Earth.

Just last month was my most successful hypochondriac moment in which a splinter became a headache which became a brain tumor which became inoperable which became the reason for me getting my extended family together to talk about my will since I was sure that I only had a few days to live. Being alive and well months later has convinced me that I am, indeed, the most successful hypochondriac that has ever lived.

Production Diary 1.429

Things are heating up.

Mind you, not like the 100 plus degree weather in Los Angeles, but heating up in their own rainy sort of cloudy way here in Dallas, Texas. I never thought I’d say I was glad to be away from Los Angeles’ perpetually constant good-weather mode.

I’ve had a lot of great opportunities over the last few days. From eating at an amazing steak house to getting lost on the freeways down here (why would you call a freeway 35 East when it only goes North and South!?), to sitting in a press box watching the Mavericks almost beat the Kings to buying socks at a Walmart in the middle of nowhere that turned out to be way too thin and caused blisters in my new phat-daddy Adidas sneakers.