Finally Woken

Do you like Dido? Do you find yourself singing to Dido and saying to yourself that deep down you think you sound like Dido? Do you try to acquire any music that sounds like Dido that isn’t Dido?

Then you’re just like me.

There’s a new album out right now by the band Jem called Finally Woken that really far exceeds (in my opinion) the Dido-esque sound of Dido herself. It’s lead singer definitely has a similar sound to the woman I’ve mentioned above, but the music is a tad more electronic with a hint of ambient stylings. (Wow, I should write for Rolling Stone.)

If it wasn’t illegal to post MP3’s on websites, I would so put one up right this minute.

Today’s Actual Fully-Real Conversation with a Semi-Celebrity

I was standing at one end of the Dog Park, entranced in a dog who was staring at an empty hole. Standing next to the dog, staring down at the hole, was Dann Florek — Capt. Donald Cragen from Law & Order: SVU.

Me: Your dog?

Dann Florek: Yup.

Me: What’s he looking for?

Dann Florek: Gopher.

Me: Has he ever caught one before?

Dann Florek: Nope.

Me: Oh.

The reality of Celebrity. Served up daily. Just for you.

Win My Words

Believe it or not, in the first 1-2 months of having service with Typepad, Words For My Enjoyment is close to reaching it’s 500th comment. And that’s obviously, all thanks to those who take the time to read, comment and say to themselves, “This guy is off his rocker.” So thanks for that.

In return, I’m going to be giving away signed first-edition copies of Consumer Joe (we’re into our second edition/second printing already so it’s at least worth a tad more than current copies) to the 500th, 501st and 502nd commentators on this here blog.

Gigl-ersy Girl

I want to like Ben Affleck. Really, I do.

But there’s something that causes me to consider him to be a less than stellar movie-star. Could it be the fact that he really can’t act? Or that deep down I know he has veneers over his now-filed down old stubby teeth? Or that every time he cries on screen I get the feeling that minutes before someone sprayed his eyes with vinegar?

Considering all those things, you probably don’t want to ask me why in the world I ended up at a screening of Jersey Girl last night. That would just get too complicated in explaining the ins and outs of being forced to see a movie for the greater good. But you probably would want to ask me, exactly what it was about the movie that left a bad taste in my mouth.