Friday’s Words For Your Enjoyment

Welcome to today’s first Official Words For Your Enjoyment. Every Friday, I’ll be looking to the people out there in the ethosphere to provide ideas for this column (sounds so depressingly professional, doesn’t it?) so get cracking!

Today’s subject matter is brought to you by our friend the Reluctant Writer.

Reluctant writer, wrote: “How about something about the new Citrus flavored Listerine? The ad is
silly. Mom brings home the groceries, she calls out to her family “Oh see! I got some Citrus flavored Listerine.” The family runs and hides immediately. She turns, laughs and calls out “It’s not like the old Listerine.”


Without you, I’m nothing.

Well, maybe I’m half the man I would be without all you peeps swinging by the ‘ol homestead here at the blog. In my switchover from to about 15 days ago — I have seen the traffic to the site increase pretty substantially and want to thank everyone for your patronage.

That’s why, effective tonight I’m introducing the Words For Your Enjoyment weekly post.

Every Friday I will put up a post inspired by your ideas. No matter how crazy, weird or random — I will take your e-mail suggestions in order of receipt, and start unspooling them starting tomorrow and every Friday!

Me and Denzel Washington

I saw Denzel Washington yesterday. He was positioning one of those tripods with really sharp legs in the middle of a road, looking through the viewfinder at some landmark across the street. Why he was doing that, when Out of Time had just come out on DVD, I have no idea.

I approached him. When was I ever going to get a chance at this again?

Me: Excuse me!

Denzel: Yeah?

Me: Hi. I’m Paul!

Denzel: Sorta working here, Paul.

(FYI – I have read that Denzel is a way hard worker. When he’s working, don’t get me started, you can’t pry this guy away for anything!! Premiere Magazine, December 2003)

The Lethargic World of Publishing

This is the second in my series of “The [Insert Adjective Here] World of Publishing” posts. Thank you to all who wrote, sent postcards and dropped me supportive e-mails for the series. It ensures that the third post, entitled “The Sucky-Annoying World of Publishing” will find its way to your computer screens in the near future.

As a published writer with one book under his belt, I’m always asked that extremely loaded question. That quesion is, what is your next book going to be? Fortunately for me, I was able to get that locked up by developing a few concepts and getting it to my agents a few months ago. It’s out of my hands. Gone. And now, I must play the waiting game.

this is a lowercase title for my blog entry

I’m a fan of all things lowercase.

People don’t really like to talk about stuff like that because if you’ve got them cornered somewhere and you start asking them their feelings on lowercase versus uppercase, they just look at you like you’re insane. I mean, why the hell do you want to know this answer? What hidden agenda do you have? Are you feeding their lowercase/uppercase preferences to some hidden governmental agency who will use it to arrest them and their loved ones?

Some people wonder these exact things.

I like lowercase words and phrases for many reasons. First and foremost, it’s rebellious. If you don’t capitalize your sentences, man are you spitting a big ‘ol loogie in the face of the establishment. Not to mention, it throws people off. Let’s look at an example…