Lost in Translation

I have to say that I was extremely pleased that Lost in Translation won Best Screenplay, Best Picture (Comedy) and Best Actor (Bill Murry/Comedy) last night. Bill Murray is just so cool and is looking even more distinguished these days with his white beard (for Wes Anderson’s new movie). He’s just so funny and deserves the Academy Award this year for that movie.

I do have to say, Sofia Coppola (who is currently divorcing my other favorite Director, Spike Jonze) was very nervous on stage accepting her awards. She definitely is a writer — you know how un-social we all can be. But she was just like a deer in the headlights.

Either way, though — I was glad for them.

Lily Costner — Miss Golden Globes 2004

“Isn’t it exciting to see your daughter getting into the business?” Joan Rivers asked Kevin Costner on the red carpet of the 2004 Golden Globe Awards tonight. Isn’t it neat that his daughter, who really isn’t getting into the business, has been chosen to usher people on and off the stage at tonight’s Golden Globes? Isn’t it just darling?

Doesn’t it make you sick?

I think the concept of a Miss Golden Globes is an attempt to provide someone with yet another “resume-filler” credit that really means nothing more than “my parents are stars and I someday hope to be a star as well and figure that by being chosen as Miss Golden Globes, I will probably be considered to be a star-in-the-making and gee, that’ll help me get an agent.”

The Suck-age Effect

This is how I felt as I exited the movie The Butterfly Effect tonight. Although, about twenty-seven times throughout the screening of this movie I also felt this way. I have many criticisms but the first of many is this:

1. Ashton Kutcher, who has been CGI-altered to appear as if (in one scene) he had his arms amputated, and is sitting in a wheelchair crying about his poor life and the fact that he can’t make the fake hands attached to his amputated hands clutch a granola bar…well…just made me laugh. I just couldn’t take Mr. Punk’d seriously.

2. Amy Smart, the girl in the movie who you may know from Felicity or Road Trip is not attractive. Don’t tell me she is. She’s not. I can’t stand looking at her.

Shot to the Ass, and You’re to Blame…

Bon Jovi is a great band. But my allergists’ nurse is even better. After my first appointment yesterday with the allergist after weeks of allergy-type symptoms, I was told to pull down my pants “just a tad” so the nurse could give me a shot in my “muscle.” (No, not that one.)

She rubbed something warm on my hip, then said, “Did you feel that?”

Surprised, I said that I hadn’t.

“Just wait till you walk out of the office. You’ll wonder what it was that I actually did to you.”

(Words of comfort, obviously.)

Second Printing! (And the Juice)

It’s official. Consumer Joe has just gone into a second printing. What does that mean?

It means that the publisher has basically sold out of all the thousands of books it printed as FIRST EDITIONS, and now they go back and print a SECOND EDITION of the book. What does that mean for people who bought the first edition? Instead of being worth $12.95, it’s probably now worth a whopping $12.99. Or, in some countries, $13.10. Better than the stock market when it comes to a good investment!

And hopefully, it also means that the publisher will now put some additional monies into publicizing the book and getting it on tables at the fronts of book stores. In some stores, especially Barnes & Noble, it’s happening already. But you know, for the slacker book stores.