2004, Whore

I have a knack at rhyming numbers and words and have thought of creating a second career out of this wonderful talent. I figure, I could initially start the buzz with one of those “One Man Show” things out here in Los Angeles where I would stand on a pretty bare stage (with a bunch of huge, white styrofoam numbers and words [that rhyme] and a big spotlight on my face) and then would proceed to say a number and a word and retell a story that involves both. Like…

“The number eleven hundred one and the word ‘fun’. Oh, I remember my eleven hundreth and first day living here on Planet Earth. I was 3 years old and was required to do nothing but eat, sleep and continue to learn to go potty. It was, let me just tell you, fun

In America, In Baja Fresh

I happened to find the time today to see the latest Jim Sheridan film, In America today. If you don’t know anything about it, it’s somewhat based on Sheridan’s own experiences in coming to America from Ireland, and going to film school at Columbia. The change of locale came on the heels of losing his son in a tragic accident, and moving to the USA with his wife and two daughters. The film itself changes some of the details (i.e. the male lead is a struggling actor), but keeps pretty close to the subject matter from what I know. In fact, what’s interesting, is that the movie was written by Jim Sheridan and his two daughters.

Me and My Neighborhood (Plus, Updates!)

Pretty cool thing — technology. There’s this new feature you can find on my blog now if you scroll to the bottom of my little discolored bar at the right. At the bottom you’ll see something listed as Check Out My Neighbors. If you click on the green button below it, you’ll be able to see what other blogs are being published in and around my hometown of Los Angeles, CA. Great way to waste time! Congratulations for finding it!

As you may or may not have noticed, I have now updated the sidebar with January’s latest tidbits of useless information. You definitely must waste more time over there. In addition, I have begun to think about additional time wasters for all of you surfing at work.

Back in Los Angeles

My week in Chicago has finally come to an end, and here I sit in wonderful Los Angeles, back at home. It’s good to be home.

Family trips to far away places where all family does is cook food and make you eat food and then join you as you sit on a fluffy comfortable “nap couch” can get tiring. (Not boring, fatiguing.) It was a fun time, but there’s just so much of relaxing one person can take over and over and over again. Plus, small-town Chicago (in the burbs) is a hilarious place to visit, if not only to see how different the midwest is from the west coast. I don’t think I saw any actual, real, regular healthy food anywhere. There was a lot of pizza, sugar and things in sauces. What can you do? You eat it.

A Sugar Filled Christmas

The sugar high has got my head spinning.

Cookies. Brownies. Ice-cream. Cream-puffs. Candy canes. Chocolates. Gum. And a hundred other things I forget the names of.

I have eaten all of them.

It doesn’t surprise me that people in Chicago are fatter than people in Los Angeles. When you live in a really, really, really cold location — you need the extra fat to keep you warm. I have, although visited the gym twice this week already, begun to morph. I must stop the changes.

The last few days have been spent eating here in Joliet, Illinois. Some socializing while drinking apple flavored, warmed beverages, but mostly eating. I long for a protein-rich dinner that involves no bread or sugar.