The Day After: Blog-ret Regret?

About the time any normal people hear about blogging, you have to figure that the entire world online has already been writing in their blog’s for months. About the time the entire world hears about blogging, it’s about time to retire your blog. So why am I starting now?

I told you, goddammit – I’m keeping track of my life. My process. Sales Rank: 33,607
B&N Sales Rank: 84,406

The Beginning…

You may not know me.

You may not want to know me.

In fact, if you know me and don’t want to know me — then two double negatives equal a positive which should, by my eye, cause you to suddenly feel an overwhelming desire to get to know me better. And if all of that makes sense, please — keep reading.

I am a writer of all things large and small. Cable movies, greeting cards, television commercial copy, reality shows, screenplays, television scripts and books. We can’t forget the books.